Dear all how are you, nice to meet you.

This is an amazing schedule time of the 2018 in USA and in EUROPE, I hope to see you in one of this class. I have skype that I using a lot with my students, just in case you need to talk personally and speak about other question you could have, please do not hesitate to ask me any time.

Please let me know if you need more specified info, i will send all the program that you are interested.

Best Regards



1’ Orlando (FL) February 16-20, Celia Kudro Studio

Contact me at: (CLASS JUST FOR 6 STUDENT)

2’ Portland (OR) June 4-8, Newberg Jewelry Studio & Supply

2401 E Hancock st, Newberg, Oregon 97132

United states

Contact person Ping Wang +15035390833

3 Miami (FL)  two class for beginners June 11-12 and 13-14-15,  JCW Jewelry Creation Workshops, Steven Brownlee

Phone: +1 305-610-6560

4 Boulder (CO) two class June 23-24 beginner class and 25-29 advance class making CUP with snarling technique, BoMA contact Beth Merkel

5 Albuquerque (NM) July 9-13 Ronda Coryell Studio (CLASS JUST FOR 6 STUDENT)

6 Albuquerque(NM) July16-20 Ronda Coryell Studio(CLASS JUST FOR 6 STUDENT)

Info contact me:


1) Firenze, Italy, March 5-6 Alchimia School Info: FULL CLASS

2) Alicante, Spain April 11-14 ‘In the studio jewellery school’ Teresa Speer,  info:

3) Porto, Portugal April 23-27 JWP Magda Sa info:


5) Firenze, Italy, August 6-10 Alchimia School Info:

6) Porto, Portugal, September 3-7 JWP Magda Sa info:

7) Bucarest, Romania September 11-18 Assamblage Scoala de Bijuterie Contemporana Info:

8) England October NOT CONFIRMED YET

9) Costa Rica December Jenuary February: class open in our new studio from 3 to 6 student

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