22Kt gold collection, Chasing & Repousse, ONE OF KIND

Hearing Flower

Hearing Flowers, C&R technique, 22kt gold, 14 diamonds

Pendant, Lady Yellow Beetle, C&R technique, 14 diamonds, 22kt gold

Pendant flower, C&R technique, 7 diamonds, 22kt gold

Sea Turtle

Pendant, C&R technique, 3 diamonds, 22kt gold


Every each work are unique piece made by chasing and repousse technique all hand made. Part of it are commisioned works with addition of the more regal stone in the world, diamonds, to give more prestige and value to the piece. 

For any info contact me by e-mail directly: ilmaestroacquafresca@gmail.com


Pendant, C&R technique, 22kt gold



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