Metropolitan Museum of New York City, room 375


Acquafresca...a name, a destiny.
Information regarding the history of Acquafresca's family dates back to the XVII century. Matteo Acquafresca (1651-1738) was a famed gunsmith from a family of illustrious fine artisans, who invented the breech-loading system, and who were patronized by the Medici. During this historic period the family made gun stocks, reaching the highest level of skill in the art of chasing on steel, and becoming renowned for some of the most artistically refined and elegant firearms ever built.

If you go to METROPOLITAN MUSEUM of New York, in the room 375 you will find in the main case, the legacy of my family: 2 Acquafresca pistols made and CHASED from my ancestors Sebastiano and Matteo Acquafresca who was recognized as one of the best chaser and gunsmith in the world on 1600.

The 2 pistols made and chase from my ancestors: Sebastiano and Matteo

The main case, room 375

Inlay on wood, with metal part chased

Description of the 2 Pistols

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