Acquafresca...a name, a destiny.
Information regarding the history of Acquafresca's family dates back to the XVII century. Matteo Acquafresca (1651-1738) was a famed gunsmith from a family of illustrious fine artisans, who invented the breech-loading system, and who were patronized by the Medici. During this historic period the family made gun stocks, reaching the highest level of skill in the art of chasing on steel, and becoming renowned for some of the most artistically refined and elegant firearms ever built.  A historical cycle of this art form by the Acquafresca family had begun. 

Centuries later Fabrizio Acquafresca was born in Florence, Tuscany. He is the 17th generation of this family dedicated to this art. When he was 13 he started to work in his uncle’s workshop, a famous Florentine silver artisan, Brandimarte. Here, uncle “Brandi,” with love and strength, taught Acquafresca a high quality of silver craftsmanship. Acquafresca learned all of the stages, from fusion to soldering and from polishing to chasing. It was mainly in chasing and repoussé that he expressed his artistic skill at the highest level.

Acquafresca completed a large number of both chased silver, graphic art and painting shows. One of the most important was his 1995 presence at “Pavarotti & Friend International,” where he successfully showed his works. Most recently he has completed important commissions for the Vatican and the made the grand prize for the winner of the famed Palio di Siena, a horserace in Siena dating back to Medieval times. 

Today, after 34 years as if by destiny, Acquafresca is considered a Maestro (Master) in the art of chasing. Maestro is the Italian word given to those distinguished by their superior skills and creativity from other craftsman. In addition, the master craftsman is the person who is dedicated to transmit knowledge of the trade, to ensure that the technical know-how of the craftsman is not lost.
Il Maestro Acquafresca is creating his own work, shares his knowledge and skills by organizing workshops all around the world and collaborate with artist Andrea Castillo designer and goldsmith in JEWEL LAB

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