from 29th July - 2th August

Why Study Chasing and Repoussé with Il Maestro Acquafresca

Chasing and Repoussé with Il Maestro Acquafresca is more than a technical course about chasing and repoussé.  With Il Maestro's unmatched skill in the classical Italian art and technique of "sbalzo e cesello", it is more truly an experience of understanding a technique that has formed part of the artistic dynasty and lifework of the Acquafresca family, dating back to the Renaissance in Florence.  With this background, Il Maestro teaches with a passion, sharing his  unique knowledge and with the accumulated experience of generations of artists and craftsmen in his family.

Il Maestro Acquafresca is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and skill with each student at all levels, from those who have never had any experience to the most advanced students.  All of them will be able to learn to enjoy the process and improve their skills.  Over the course of five days, Il Maestro will discuss with each individual student their chosen project, providing technical and artistic guidance, allowing the student to acquire the skills and knowledge to continue independently exploring the art of chasing and repoussé. Come and see why Il Maestro's students have learned to share his joy and passion with this technique!​​​


Churches of extraordinary beauty, museums and art collections, historic gardens, piazzas, medieval streets and ancient palaces: Florence can best be defined as a diffuse museum. It is not a container for works of art, but a work of art in itself. In the midst of inspiring landscapes and a fascinating historical and cultural context, Florence represents the perfect location to immerse yourself in the ancient art of chasing and repoussé. 


Chasing and Repousse with il Maestro Acquafresca

This course is an amazing opportunity to study the technique of chasing a repoussé in Florence, Italy

Experiencing Italy through Learning:

The course will be five days long and be held at Achimia School from 10am- 5pm with an hour break for lunch. Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School is based  in Oltrarno, Florence's historic artisan district. For more information on Alchimia’s  facilities and location, please visit Alchimia’s website at  (

 A  daily schedule of the contents of the lessons is located below. 

Workshop 2017 Firenze

FIRENZE, ITALY, ALCHIMIA School, chasing and repousse class, amazing people, great works, stunning energy....a bit hot but fiiiiiiine. Thank you all for coming from all around world: Australia, USA, Irland, Italy, Turkey, Hong Kong, Belgium, Spain, Korea



July 29th: Introduction to the course and to the use of the tools.

Illustration and selection of the different materials

Beginning of practical execution of a project assigned: a dragonfly

July 30th: Elaboration of a new project from students; create a bracelet.

July 31th: Continuing work on bracelet and finish the work.

(After lesson, instructor slide presentation).
Aug 1th: Explain how to make tools and start a new project. 

Aug 2nd: Continuing work and finishing of projects.

Please consider that the lesson plan may vary according to the class progress.

After work activities:

Fabrizio Acquafresca wants to offer to his students some after-class activities at no additional costs:

- A 60 minute guided tour of the city with anecdotes and curiosities about Florence
- An aperitif
- A visit to Fratelli Lisi studio, one of the most renowned silversmithing workshops in the city, to see different processing silver techniques.

Participation is not obligatory. 


The cost of the workshop is €600.00 + 22% VAT
At the moment of enrollment, €290,00, equal to the 40% of the total fee, must be paid to Alchimia's bank account (see enrollment form), or with PayPal.
The remaining 60% must be paid upon arrival by credit card, in cash, or through the above mentioned payment methods.

Eventual withdrawals must be notified 30 days before lessons begin; in this case the school will return the entire enrollment fee. On the contrary the enrollment fee will be entirely retained by the school. 

The tool set will be provided by Fabrizio Acquafresca, as far as metals sheets and the equipment needed for the course.

After the workshop, tools are available for purchase.

Contact: For information and payment, please contact Martina at: 

For registration and info please contact Manola at the address:

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