Why Studying Chasing and Repoussé with Il Maestro Acquafresca?

Chasing and Repoussé with Il Maestro Acquafresca is more than a technical course about chasing and repoussé. With Il Maestro's unmatched skill in the classical Italian art and technique of "cesello", it is more truly an experience of understanding a technique that has formed part of the artistic dynasty and lifework of the Acquafresca family, dating back to the Renaissance in Florence. With this background, Il Maestro teaches with a passion, sharing his unique knowledge and with the accumulated experience of generations of artists and craftsmen in his family.

Il Maestro Acquafresca is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and skill with each student at all levels, from those who have never had any experience to the most advanced students. All of them will be able to learn to enjoy the process and improve their skills. Over the course of five days, Il Maestro will discuss with each individual student their chosen project, providing technical and artistic guidance, allowing the student to acquire the skills and knowledge to continue independently exploring the art of chasing and repoussé. Come and see why Il Maestro's students have learned to share his joy and passion with this technique!







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“Chasing and Repoussé Course”

The technique of chasing and repoussè involves the process of applying sheet metal (brass, copper, gold, argentium silver, or sterling silver) to a board of tar, then forming the metal using a hammer and different shapes and sizes of specialized handmade chasing tools. Fabrizio has always been dedicated and enthusiastic about sharing his skills and knowledge of this process.

Under the careful tutelage of Italian master Fabrizio Acquafresca, learn chasing and repoussé in the Italian style. Through the proper use of various specialized tools, students study and implement the classical Italian approach to transforming sheet metal into reliefs and other works of art. Students will begin with a dragonfly relief, but should also come prepared with a jewelry figurative design containing fruit, a floral pattern and (not abstract image) to realize in metal. This course has no prerequisites and is open to students of all levels.

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1) Miami south (FL) classes, May 29-30-31+June 1-2 and 3 days class June 5-6-7 June, Private Studio, (The total number of class days can be adjusted in order of your necessity) . Contact Martha Wakslag Studio, info:

2) Denver (CO) 5 days class 24-28 June, Denver School of Jewelry Art, for all information contact Judy:

3) Colorado Spring (CO) 5 days class, Beg-Int 6-10 July, Pikes Peak Community College, Class Info program contact me directly: Whatsapp +39 3385060720

4) Tulsa (OK) 5 days class July 15-19 , Info: Phone: (918) 408-1645 . -Facebook: Cheri Houghtling Tatum.

5) Salem (OR): 5 days class Salem, Oregon, Salem Jewelry Workshop July 20-26 , 1105 Edgewater St NW Contact Cindy Proctor info:


6) Hill of Firenze (ITALY) 2 classes: 31st August-4th September and 7th-11th September, Private Class (CLASS JUST FOR 5 STUDENT) Info program contact us directly: Whatsapp +39 3385060720 (We speak English, Spanish and Italian)

7) Porto (PORTUGAL) October 3-7, JWP of Magda Sa, Info:

8) Sheffield (UK) October two classes 13-14-15 and 16-17-18, Annette Petch Studio info : Phone: +44 7952 235985

9) Bucarest, Romania Assamblage Scoala de Bijuterie Contemporana Info: DATE NOT CONFIRMED YET

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