ANNETTE PETCH STUDIO, Beg-Int OCT 13th-18th, 2020

                                                                    STUDY CHASING AND REPOUSSE WITH IL MAESTRO ACQUAFRESCA

17' generation, since 1619. Chasing and Repoussé with Il Maestro Acquafresca is more than a technical course about chasing and repoussé.  With Il Maestro's unmatched skill in the classical Italian art and technique of "cesello", it is more truly an experience of understanding a technique that has formed part of the artistic dynasty and lifework of the Acquafresca family, dating back to the Renaissance in Florence.  With this background, Il Maestro, teaches with a passion, sharing his  unique knowledge and with the accumulated experience of generations of artists and craftsmen in his family.

Il Maestro Acquafresca is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and skill with each student at all levels, from those who have never had any experience to the most advanced students.  All of them will be able to learn to enjoy the process and improve their skills.  Over the course of five days, Il Maestro will discuss with each individual student their chosen project, providing technical and artistic guidance, allowing the student to acquire the skills and knowledge to continue independently exploring the art of chasing and repoussé. Come and see why Il Maestro's students have learned to share his joy and passion with this technique!

The course is limited to 7 places to ensure that there is a good student to teacher ratio, however this means that places are limited and as recommended to book early to ensure a place on the course.

Beginners- Intermediate 4 DAYS WORKSHOP + Beginners 2 DAYS

You will sculpt a copper plate into a dragonfly, a beautiful form specially designed by Fabrizio to teach you the core Chasing and Repoussé techniques, including how to use the tools effectively. You will learn to work with pitch-tar block, a hammer and handmade Chasing tools. Fabrizio will help you to refine YOUR OWN DESIGN which you bring to work on during the other days and use Chasing ad Repoussé techniques to fashion your own design in your choice of copper, silver, argentium or gold.

The course  consists of four days of lessons, the first of which will include an introduction to the course and an explanation to the use of the tools, followed by illustration and selection of the different materials.

After that, students will start practicing, through the execution of an assigned project; creating a dragonfly or/and gingko leaf. Over the other 3 days of lessons students are allowed to bring their own design ideas and develop them all the way through to completed pieces of jewelry. They will be able to create several pieces, according to the complexity of their projects and their individual work-rate. 

After 4 days class student can sign up also for the 2 days class and carry on on own project or just partecipate on 2 days to create a gingko class to know this amazing art.

Anything may be created, including bracelets, earrings and pendants, possibilities are endless.

During the course, students will receive a lot of one on one attention as Fabrizio visits everyone individually.

Students are asked to document a journal of their progress throughout the lessons, consisting of pictures of the work they create and step-by-step descriptions of what they learned. This is to be presented on paper and contained within a file.

Please consider that the contents of individual classes may change throughout the course according to the class progress.


How to sculpt copper, silver, argentium or gold

How to use Chasing and Repoussé tools effectively

How to soften and harden silver or copper

How to transform your design into a beautiful form

How to work with Italian tar as a base for your metal plates


A beautiful copper dragonfly or gingko leaf  for the first project and your own project in the metal of your preference.

To create cuff bracelet recommended sheet 22 gauge/0.6mm thick and wire 12gauge/2mm thick



The following materials will be provided by the teacher:

Tool set: 20 tools (handmade tools), 1 hammer, 1tar-board 20cmx20cm (handmade Florentine recipe)will be provided by the teacher.

The following materials will be provided by students:

Students are free to provide their own FINE SILVER, gold, copper or argentium if they would prefer to work in those materials in 22gauge/ 0.6mm thick, glove, folder, carbon paper, tracing paper, sketching paper, copper, pen, permanent marker, pencil, scissor, knife for the tar, and plier  will be provided by the teacher.

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